This is a special and quirky collection of songs.  All sloppy home recordings.  All with Ken playing everything except for “The Wedding Song” which is a live performance with John Cordes on violin.  Every so often Ken would gather his most recent home recordings and burn a CD to listen to as he rode the subway.  This collection was put together 3 days before 9/11/2001.  After Ken listened back to the whole CD for the first time, he decided it should be called, “It’s a Bomb.”  He felt by the end there was an explosion that took place- of what it’s hard to put into words.  When the events of 9/11 happened a few days later, the title “It’s a Bomb” seemed inappropriate or distasteful.  For a while, he called it, “It’s a Balm.”  It was never released or mastered.  A number of the songs have their only appearance in this collection.  Some later became studio recordings with the W3 all star band.


All Songs written by Ken Webb

(except the improvisational appearance of  “The Joker” by Steve Miller.)