“Lovely Matters” is Ken Webb’s most stripped down production in years. After a number of recordings (mainly in France) with different combinations of his international “World Wide Webb” All-Star Band (amounting to 6 albums of material), this effort brings him back home. Literally, these songs were recorded in his home (often minutes after the songs were written) with just voice and guitar. It wasn’t until much later, when Ken saw a remarkable performance by a unique sideman that these recordings “took off.” Rob Jost is one of New York City’s most in-demand bass players (Tony Sherr, Imogen Heap, Saturday Night Live, Ursa Minor.) Additionally, he is equally talented with the French Horn and Ukulele. So, after seeing Rob play all three at a gig at Rockwood Music Hall (supporting NYC songstress, Sasha Dobson) Ken immediately felt he had found a great collaborator. So, one Labor Day Weekend, Webb invited Jost to his place in NYC, to see what would happen if they put some Rob Jost magic on some of Ken’s favorite home recordings. It wasn’t until much later when Ken crossed paths with Tom Schick, an accomplished sound engineer, producer and mixer (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, Jesse Harris) that the project came to fruition. Tom’s mixes were the final frosting on the sonic cake. The resulting work “Lovely Matters” not only describes the sound of the recording but the underlying theme, which is often lost in our modern time: Lovely does matter. The subtlety of Loveliness should not be obscured by the sea of “in your face,” “demand your attention,” “up in your grill” popular songs. So, you’re invited to enjoy the “beauty all around,” to “dream away,” to feel “truly love,” and to discover that “it’s alright.” Lovely Matters… “Let’s do it!”

Recorded and Produced by Ken Webb
Mixed by Tom Schick
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

Ken Webb- All Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Percussion
Rob Jost- Bass, French Horn, Ukulele and Electric Guitar

All Songs written by Ken Webb

Except “Jane Doe’s Changed Toe” written by Ken Webb and Jonathan Marc Sherman


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