Unable to afford another trip to France, and because Mikael Sundin was coming to New York, Ken arranged for 3 days in a make-shift recording set up at Gibson’s Showroom in NYC- which was the former “Hit Factory.” Mikael Sundin was the swedish guitarist and primary collaborator with the W3 All Star Band.

It was Oct 26, 27, 28 of 2005, during which 52 new songs were recorded. There were 4 albums that resulted from these recordings.

  1. Human Experience- this was the 1st resulting album. It was a collection comprised of Ken’s mixes on the recordings from those 3 days.

Ken then took the 52 songs and traveled to Ploubalay, France to record the french musicians from the W3 All Star Band playing some overdubs on these songs. The result was another 3 albums of a new permutation of the W3 All Star band.

  1. Let Love Grow- this was the first of another trilogy mixed in France.
  2. The Glue of You- this was the second of another trilogy mixed in France.
  3. After Beauty- this was the third of another trilogy mixed in France.


Recorded Oct 26, 27, 28 of 2005.

With overdubs Nov 2006.

Produced by Ken Webb, Jean-Francois Rigourd, and Hubert Blanchard.

Mixed and Mastered by Jean-Francois Rigourd in Ploubalay, France. Studio Du Druid.

Marcus Camus – Drums
Jerome Coue – Bass
Gabby Jego – Keyboards
Recorded in Ploubalay by Jean-Francois Rigourd

Acoustic Guitar and Voice – Ken Webb
Electric Guitar – Mikael Sundin
Piano – John Dryden
Drums – Sean Dixon
Voice – Nadia Ackerman
Bass – Jon Flaugher

Recorded in NYC by Ken Webb and Joey D’ana

All Songs Written by Ken Webb except Jane Doe’s Changed Toe written by Ken Webb and Jonathan Marc Sherman.


IMG_3845 gibson group smlMega Songs cover3