An album for the listener who enjoys real meaning in lyrics, the eclectic style of this album comfortably visits a wide variety of musical flavors: songs with lush orchestral strings, catchy pop-rock tunes, and folky feel-good numbers.

This Album was recorded in 1999.  At that time, Ken’s most ambitious effort to date. Self produced; Ken hired a band of handpicked, extremely talented musicians to get more of a live energy to the recordings. With more sophisticated songs and arrangements, this record marks Ken’s arrival as a bona fide recording artist. Eclectic styles and varied overdubs really expand the breadth of the music. From the lush strings on “Waltz for Venus”(the title track) to the droning electric guitars on “Love Song” to the ho-down feel of “Down in the Dumps” to the hooky pop feel of “Karma’s a Boomerang” to the Irish pub song-vibe on “The Worst of It” or the feel-good story telling of “Tessa” or the groovy vibe on “Meetcha Halfway”- the flavors are varied and full making this the first fully realized Ken Webb recording.


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